Meaningful Work: Letting Go of Self Doubt

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December 7, 2016

Meaningful Work: Letting Go of Self Doubt

Ahh the New Year. A time of reflection, anticipation and for some of us, dread. As we ask ourselves “what do I want to do with my career?”

Fear not, fabulous woman. You are not alone – if we are willing to dig deep, if we are willing to NOT play small and are ready to challenge conventional career happiness (steady job, steady income, convenience) then at some point in your illustrious working life you’ll ask yourself:

“But Isn’t there something more to work than this?”.

The answer is unequivocally, a loud, bold – HELL YES you DESERVE MORE.


What is Meaningful Work?

Dr Brené Brown’s research of Wholehearted people, those with the most connection, joy and resilience, people who have the ability to let go of scarcity (“I don’t have enough, or I’m not enough”) and who live abundant lives, all have something in common; the ability to engage in and share their unique talents through meaningful work.

Meaningful work is work which brings you joy, a sense of accomplishment and importantly a sense of purpose. It’s the intrinsic belief that your contribution, your work makes a difference, in the smallest or largest of ways, not just to yourself but to others.

Meaningful work is unique to all of us. For me it makes me feel totally alive, in flow and energised, because even on my beige, or hard or confusing days, I still feel that the sum of my work contribution makes a difference.


The Secret

Here’s a powerful secret, when we believe our work matters, what we actually find is our TRUTH. The deep knowing that WE MATTER, and that our talents, and unique gifts make a DIFFERENCE, beyond our own gratification.

How to achieve meaningful work

Want to know more? Check out Collective Courage TV. In this short video clip I unpack the concept of meaningful joy, bust open self doubt and share:

  • 3 questions to ask yourself
  • my favourite resources to help you create meaningful work.

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